Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bambi Pullover And How To Survive A Shopping Trip Without Nervous Breakdown

Hello my lovely mori girls,

today I am wearing one of my favorite new pieces: the bambi pullover. I am totally addicted to kawaii pieces that have a mori girl touch to it.

I am actually not a huge fan of shopping. It always makes me feel miserable, because somehow my brain tells me that in the changing room my "true body image" is waiting for me. As if what I see there rather reflects the truth than the mirror that I have at home. And mostly it is not to my liking. Thoughts rush through my head like "Oh my God, this is it, you are done with eating chocolate for this lifetime! I have to start working out, I look like pudding. Geez, I look different at home." Which is true: we all look different at home. We mostly have our light set to a mood that we like. That´s not the case in most changing rooms. The light there is rather blue-greenish and it makes you look sick and miserable. I have no idea why they do this, as I cannot imagine this to be good for selling clothes. You want to look good in them, not like some sort of freakish big slug.

I suggest: don´t go alone! It´s always better to have a more unbiased opinion than your own. Take somebody with you that has sort of the same taste as you have (take me!) and try to avoid being overly critical with what you see. If I am not exactly buying pants (which I hardly ever do, because I prefer skirts and dresses) I am avoiding the changing rooms completely. I somewhat know my size and I know what style fits me. I try things on at home and I never had the need to bring things back. But even if I would have to: that´s way better than coming out of the store with a head full of negative thoughts. Be kind to yourself, there is no need for war. Don´t give too much attention to the mirror. Rather go for feeling: do you feel comfortable in it? Give attention to the material. Prefer cotton to polyester, it is so much better for your skin.

Coming home I thought how hilarious this is: I make myself feel bad because of some bad light situation and a mirror. I must not be that harsh. I caught myself and stopped myself in that behavior. I don´t intend to ever go back. This is it with criticism. Back to the path of self-love and acceptance.

I absolutely love natural make up. I put on rather less than more, it should not make me look different. Maybe I should do some videos on mori girl make up and hair style? Would you be interested?

Hugs to you,
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