Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Cheer Your Plants

Hello my lovely mori girls!

Those of you who keep indoor plants surely have those glasses, where you store your little babies in fresh water, for example small branches of a green friend that has accidentally broken off or that has grown too big. Some of these babies were quite happy in that glass, but they did not grow any roots. I waited for good 3 monts now and still nothing. This is why I think it is time for another Masaru Emoto experiment. If you don´t know who Masaru Emoto is, you might check out this video:

I know, the video is somewhat wishy-washy with that experiment at the end (it works, but I think it is more professional if you use the same jars and put them into the fridge rather than let them stand somewhere outside) and the woman is creepy somehow, but I still think that there is something to what Emoto says about resonance with water. I have read his books since I was 10 years and his methods are so simple, they just have to be true (and it also explains why people in doubt will not experience any change through this water … I would say they do not resonate, i.e. "sing the same song").

Now what has all of this got to do with my little plants? I want to motivate them to grow, so I can put them back into a pot without being worried that they will just die. (no roots, no nutrition, right?) So I took an empty jar and wrote a message for my small babies on it.

I put them back in there and I will watch closely what will happen now. This brings me back to the time when I would very often write cute little messages onto a small piece of paper for my friends. Let´s bring cute small messages back, I´ll come up with something. Maybe you want to participate and make somebody smile today too?

Of course I´ll give you an update on what happens to my plants! I´ll bet that within 2 weeks we will have a change happening! Cheer your plants! They deserve it!

Hugs to you!
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