Online Class

Enter The Forest is a beginners online class for those who have just discovered the mori girls or are generally newbies to the style. It will introduce you to the topic and teach you the basics of altering clothes. This class is self-guided.
It takes place at the Vanillery Garden and will be open until June 1st 2011.

You don´t have to have any experience with sewing or embroidery. We will focus on taking clothes that we already have and make them into mori girl styled clothes. You will get 18 videos to download that are yours to keep, along with PDFs and templates.

The Mori Girl Hairclip

The projects in this class are:

* comfortable and cute embroidered handwarmers
* red riding hood themed top/dress
* mixed media mori skirt
* mori girl hairclip

Learn to dye fabric and write on it!

But the class does not only focus on sewing, but also self-image, self-confidence and being comfortable with your own style. You will bind your own small mori girl journal to complete your journey and have a look at your experiences.

The Mori Girl Journey Journal

Mori Cupcake classes are always very very special, as they attract only women who think alike and the mood is unbelievable. It is always refreshing, always friendly and always inspiring. I have made friends there that I would not have made anywhere else and the whole group has experienced a corporate feeling unmatched. Even though the class is self-guided it does not mean that you are alone! You may chat with all the other students and I´ll be there for you too, checking in if you are ok and helping you with the self-confidence tasks. It will be amazing!

Enter the forest now for 35$ and dive into a world that has waited for you!

What email will you use?

Please allow 24 hours to be let into the class.

This class has been taught before. Here is what has been said about it:

"I've been hesitant to write out what the Mori Cupcake class has meant to me.  I think it's because putting magic into words is not just difficult, but it's almost like dissecting a poem - it takes away from the feeling and the energy of the piece.  I want to try and explain though - both as a thank you to Natalie, but also as a signpost for those little enchanted forest women who might have lost their way.  I've taken a good share of online courses.  This is the single one that I have never felt judged in (mostly I've felt judged in other classes by my self, my inner critic, not others in the class - just to be clear), always felt understood and heard, felt important and enjoyed all the assignments. I am certain that I will continue to grow and enjoy what I've learned here for many moons to come.  These are the lessons and examples that go in deep and keep on giving.  Thank you Natalie and all my Mori Forest Girls!  Cupcakes all around!" (Claire)

"Hi, I am so loving it here in the Vanillery Garden, it's a paradise unlike no other, a safe place that you can seek to find peace and harmony, happiness and friendship plus you get to learn all of Natalie's beautiful secrets, you never know what kind of surprise she has for you! Come one, come all to the lovely forest and find out for yourself, you will not be disappointed...........xoxo" (Karen)

Hope to see you there soon!



*All course materials are copyrighted by Natalie Neumann. Using my course material, network ideas, layout, syllabus and content is inappropriate.  The Vanillery Garden retains the right to expel any student without refund who does not comply with school policies.

*REFUNDS- If you pre-paid for a class, and you cancel before the class begins you will receive a 100% refund.

No Refunds will be offered after the start date of any workshop.