Friday, April 15, 2011

Mori Girl Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovely mori girls,

today I will show you how to do a very basic mori girl makeup. Nothing too fancy, as mori girls like to keep it natural. I am using earth-tones and a very subtle blush. You don´t actually want to look like you are wearing makeup, at least not lots of it.

I use my fingers to apply the make-up. I like it because it gives me more control over how much I actually put onto my face. Brushes and sponges are nice too, but I always get the feeling that 50% of the pigments go into the brush instead of onto my skin. For this movie I used my cam that is integrated into the MacBook Pro, so maybe not the best quality, but I guess you can see what I do.

Have fun with it! I would like to see photos of you wearing the mori girl style!

Many hugs to you,
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