Friday, June 24, 2011

We Are Moving!

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Hello my lovely mori girls! Wow, time flies by! I´m so sorry I haven´t been updating a lot here, but it´s just impossible to keep two blogs with really good content, when that´s not your fulltime job. But don´t be afraid, I won´t leave you! Mori Girls are just moving to the main blog of the Vanillery Garden and having fun there! I decided it would be much better to not keep things separated. There still will be mori cupcake content as I receive a lot of demands towards new mori girl makup tutorials on youtube. If you should have any questions for me, please let me know!

I decided to move more into fashion blogging, so that´s good news for you. I would love to have you all on board and come over. Please don´t forget to update your subscription via RSS or google friend.

Thanks a lot for being here and many greetings from the Forest!

Love and hugs,
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